His Excellency Walid Abu Ali, Ambassador of Palestine-Pakistan with President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas  

I would like to welcome our brother’s and sister’s to the official website of the Embassy of The State of Palestine Pakistan. On behalf of the loving people of Palestine, I would like to present my compliments and introduce this website which has been conceived to help find all the information pertaining to Palestine. Various categories cover the Historical Struggle, rich Culture, Heritage and Traditions of our Land and its beautiful loving People.

The main purpose of launching this site is aimed towards the following focused areas/subjects:

1. To help people understand about the Cultural Diversity, Sociopolitical and Economic developments taking place in Palestine and Pakistan in this digital age.

2. To foster a  long time relationship between the people of Palestine and Pakistan for cementing ties of brotherhood and care for the mutual benefit of both the countries.

3. To appraise Palestinian people about the customs, traditions, heritage and  love of Pakistani nation towards the State of Palestine.

4. To help facilitate integration through the web site with Government, Non-Government, Private Sector Organizations and Educational Institutions.

Walid Abu Ali

Ambassador of Palestine-Pakistan