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Daily News Digest – Voice of Palestine radio – January 11, 2018


Daily News Digest – Voice of Palestine radio – January 11, 2018

Member of the PLO Executive Committee, Ahmed Majdalani, said that the political committee formed by the leadership formulated several recommendations for submission to the Central Council, including discussing the possibility of suspending recognition of Israel.

Majdalani told the official Voice of Palestine radio on Thursday that the recommendation was part of an effort to redefine the relationship with Israel since the interim phase was over and cannot continue with it any longer.

The Palestinian side cannot remain the only party committed to the signed agreements while the other side (Israel) does not commit itself and violate them all the time, he said.

Majdalani said the discussion at the committee focused on presenting a formula for examining the possibility of suspending the mutual recognition of Israel because recognition should be between states.

He pointed out that the Palestinian Authority was established to lead the people from occupation to independence and not to become an agent of the occupation, indicating that this issue is linked to re-structuring the relationship with Israel and re-constructing the function of the Palestinian Authority as a tool for achieving the Palestinian state.

Majdalani said that the most important recommendation is rejecting the US decision on Jerusalem, to consider the US administration as having lost its eligibility to oversee the political process, that the previous political path sponsored by Washington for years is over and that the Palestinians should be looking for a peace process based on the implementation of international resolutions through an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations.

Majdalani pointed out that the recommendations of the political committee deal with various aspects and political, diplomatic and legal paths in addition to reconciliation as a core issue as well as popular resistance. The Executive Committee of the PLO will meet on Saturday to adopt the recommendations of the Political Committee and submit them to the Central Council, which is expected to meet in Ramallah on Sunday.


Deputy Secretary-general of the Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine, Qais Abdul Karim, said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are likely going to participate in the forthcoming PLO Central Council meetings, but he said the leadership had not yet received a formal response to the invitation from the two parties.

Abdul Karim told the Voice of Palestine radio that PLO had not yet received an official response from Hamas and Islamic Jihad regarding their participation, but said they are likely going to participate.

He said that a delegation of Palestinians living in Israel will participate in the meetings of the PLO Central Council, but said Israel would obstruct the arrival of some members of the Council from abroad and from Gaza.

On the preparations for the session of the Central Council, Abdul Karim said the political committee concluded its recommendations on Wednesday after a series of meetings discussed various issues, including popular resistance and the relationship with Israel.

He said that if the Palestinians were to take this step, they would be able to pay taxes on Israeli goods entering our markets in order to compensate for these deductions from our revenues.

Meanwhile, Abdul Karim denounced Israel’s plan to deduct the value of pensions paid by the Palestinian Authority to the families of prisoners in Israeli jails or those killed by Israeli forces from the tax revenues it collects on behalf of PA.