The Palestinian National Council condemns the arrest of Khaleda Jarrar and called the Inter-Parliamentary council to take punitive action against the Israeli Knesset.


The Palestinian National Council, PNC strongly condemn and denounce the Israeli occupation authorities’ arrest of  Khaleda Jarar, a member of the Palestinian National Council and the Palestinian Legislative Council on Sunday. The PNC, in a press release on Monday, said that the arrest is a crime that violates the rights of Palestinian legislators, and is a flagrant violation of international law practiced by Israel against legislators and the Palestinian People. This crime comes in a string of political and on the ground escalation against the Palestinian people, their leaders, their institutions, and rights.

The PNC demanded that the Inter-Parliamentary Union, in particular, and all other regional and international parliamentary unions, to condemn the arrest of MP Khaleda Jarrar and condemn and denounce the continued detention of the remaining 11 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 9 of them under administrative detention, by the Israeli occupation authorities.

The PNC called upon the Inter-Parliamentary Union to voice their concerns over these crimes and Israeli violations. The PNC also demanded the release of the detained MP members and to take immediate punitive measures against the Israeli Knesset, which is a partner to the Israeli government in all its crimes and violations against the Palestinian people.